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sochifoods white garri 10kg final mockup.png

SochiFoods White Garri

Made from the fine quality cassava roots, the lovely garri is processed using state-of-the-art technology resulting in a mid textured meal that meets your needs. Our garri is gluten-free, high in dietary fibre and fully natural with no additives.

SochiFoods Smooth Garri is softer and smoother for those who want a fine textured meal.

sochifoods odourless fufu flour 1kg final mockup.png

SochiFoods Fufu Flour

Specially prepared for those who want to enjoy the extra smoothness of fufu, SochiFoods Fufu is rich in fibre and is filling. It is also odourless and will be enjoyed by a wider range of people. This lovely fufu meal goes very well with an assortment of soups. 

sochifoods yellow garri with palm oil 1kg final mockup.png

SochiFoods Yellow Garri

Enjoyed by many households for smooth and filling meals, our yellow garri come in two variants. One contains palm oil. The other is made directly from a variant of cassava that is naturally yellow. Whichever yellow garri you choose, you will find it delightful and a good accompaniment for any soup. 

sochifoods vita 10kg final mockup.png

SochiFoods Vita

SochiFoods Vita is a fine-textured product of cassava that can be made into a smooth paste through boiling and stirring. It goes very well with most African soups. SochiFoods Vita is high in fibre, aids in digestion and is quite filling. Also available in yellow with palm oil and natural yellow with Vitamin A.

sochifoods natural yellow garri with vitamin A 25kg final mockup.png
sochifoods natural yellow smooth garri with vitamin A 1kg final mockup.png
sochifoods yellow vita with palm oil 5kg final mockup.png
sochifoods smooth garri 5kg final mockup.png

Enrich your table and your mealtimes with our range of cassava based meals. They are produced with fully natural ingredients. No additives. You will find them good for your soups or if you want to "soak and drink" the garri variants, you will enjoy their fullness and filling. 

Sochi Foods range of meals - for every individual. 



For students and other people who lead very busy lives, our meals provide welcome convenience. They are easy to prepare, quite enjoyable and really filling. You also choose what best suits your palate.

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