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Unleashing the versatility of cassava

We planted tens of hectares of land with a selection of high-yield, disease resistant variants of cassava. These farms serve as one of our sources of cassava for making our range of products - garri, vita and fufu.


Harvesting Cassava

We harvest cassava from our farms for processing. We also get cassava from other sources and ensure they meet the standards we require for production. 

Processing and Production

Our state-of-the-art processing machines handle several tonnes of cassava per hour. We are able to deliver various stages of the process within a short time


Quality Control

Quality control ensures we meet internationally accepted production standards and to the specifications of regulatory bodies such as NAFDAC and SON. 


We use the best quality materials for our packaging in order to retain freshness and goodness of our garri and other products. Our packaging meets all standards for foods and organic raw materials. 

sochifoods yellow garri with palm oil 1kg final mockup.png
sochifoods odourless fufu flour 1kg final mockup.png
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