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The Inspiration

Cassava is a remarkable and amazing plant.

Garri, a major staple meal in Africa and especially in Nigeria is made from cassava.  Garri is found in virtually all homes in Nigeria, presented in different textures, colours and types. 

Making the brand of garri that would be authentic, blending the traditional with the modern and meeting the culinary needs of a huge population inspired the idea of a company to produce this food at premium while making it affordable to most homes. Sochi Foods was birthed on this inspiration.


Our Story

Sochi Foods Limited is an FMCG company specializing in producing premium-quality garri brands as well as immensely useful by-products from the cassava plant. Established in the heart South Eastern Nigeria, we started by building a state of the art factory on several acres of prime land. 

The Sochi Foods brand is built on a foundation of quality, inventiveness and sustainability. In the process we provide endless opportunities in several remarkable ways to consumers, our employees and our communities. We are more than just a food company. We are an enduring partnership in community and manpower growth as well as contributors to economic improvements in Nigeria.

Garri is a staple food in West Africa. Sochi Foods believes it should be available to everyone in its highest quality form. This is why our garri is made from the finest cassava roots, hand-selected for their quality and yield. Our process uses the latest food technology and techniques, ensuring that every bag of garri we produce is of the highest quality, carefully crafted to preserve the natural taste and nutritional values cassava. 

In all we do, we recognise and are conscious of the role we play in preserving our environment. All our products are eco-friendly, made from natural and renewable resources. We also ensure that our packaging is recyclable, reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing waste.

Sochi Foods is a story of passion, focus, dedication, and commitment to quality, growth and innovation. These reflect in our brands of who we are and what we stand for. 

We aim to remain a strong player in the foods manufacturing and packaging ecosystem in Nigeria for decades to come.

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