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Opportunities abound.


We know this and continue to seek and also offer them in diverse ways in our business and all that we do.

There are opportunities in making our processes better, more efficient and with higher quality yields. There are opportunities in seeking, retaining and improving the best quality human capital. There are opportunities in growth, technologies, marketing systems and making the best garri brands in Africa.

We intend to harness them all.

Crop Improvement

The cassava plant is the start of our processes. Continuously seek opportunities for improving the crop yields and choosing the best variants of the plant that delivers highest quality products. We also seek opportunities in using other plants to improve our offering on all sides.


Premium Quality Offering

Sochi Foods is constantly seeking new opportunities to further improve on the quality of our brands. We make these improvements based on customer feedback, our research and development results and adherence to existing world standards on foods. 


Our Processes

It is not possible to offer premium quality products with substandard equipment. We constantly seek to improve on all our processes - our technologies, our machines and other equipment, including our power sources are keyed in for giving the best.


Human Capital

Our staff are stakeholders in the success stories of our enterprise. We offer them all the opportunities for growth, career development, well-being and self improvement while expecting in return, commitment and dedication to being partners in the investment and growth of the company. For our staff, there are medical facilities, refectories, insurances, and well appointed homes built for them within the factory area.


Farm Tractors

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