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Our Values

Quality: Sochi Foods places a high value on quality. By putting priority to the use of high-quality cassava and following a regimen of rigid quality control procedures in the manufacturing process, we ensure our products are of the highest in quality standards.

Innovation: We value innovation. We keep making improvements to our brand offering as well as our processes. Our investments in research and development ensure we are constantly ahead in innovative and practical manufacturing.

Integrity: Integrity is deeply etched in our corporate DNA. We value honesty, transparency, and accountability. We strive to maintain a high level of ethical conduct in all aspects of our enterprise, treating everyone with respect and recognition.

Customer: They come at the top of our value chain. We ensure they get the highest quality standard offering in terms of products and business dealings. We also listen to them to help us continuously improve on our brands and processes.

Sustainability: We are commited to sustainable agriculture and minimizing its environmental impact in our cassava farms. 

Community: Sochi Foods is a responsive and responsible corporate member of a large community. We recognize the importance of the communities where we operate and continue to offer them support in many ways. We provide immediate employment and help with community services.

Equal Opportunities: Sochi Foods values diversity and inclusivity. Our idea of "endless opportunities" includes a level-playing field for all, an environment where all employees, distributors, wholesalers and other stakeholders feel respected, valued, and supported. A diverse workforce brings different perspectives and ideas, leading to better outcomes and innovation.

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