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Weighbridge Officer

Ahiazu-Mbaise, Nigeria

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Sochi Foods is currently looking for a Weighbridge Officer to join our team in Imo State.
The Weighbridge Officer offers accurate weight information of all materials received into the factory and all dispatches out of the factoring while ensuring compliance with the set weight tolerances, internal controls and safety requirements. Safeguard the company against the loss of revenue or stocks by ensuring that all trucks in and out of the plant are weighed appropriately

• Ensure adherence to all the safety procedures/requirements while executing your duties.
• Safeguard the company against the loss of revenue or stocks by ensuring that all trucks in and out of the Plant are weighed appropriately and report any exceptions to your supervisor immediately.
• Ensure that the truck is properly positioned on the weighbridge then receive the loading/delivery documents from the driver in order to verify that they match the physical truck on the weighbridge.
• Retrieve the trucks details on the computer and take the first weight. On the inbound process, check first that the weight is optimal; if the truck is overloaded reject it by denying it entry into the Plant and informing the security officer so that they can ensure that the truck exits.
• Issue the loading document to the driver on the outbound process and release the truck for loading/off-loading.
• Following truck loading and proper positioning on the weighbridge, take the second weight if it is within the set tolerance limit. If the truck is under /overweight, print the rejection slip with the reason indicated, issue it to the driver and send him back to the Packing Plant for corrective action. This case must be recorded in the exception case report.
• Following truck off-loading and proper positioning on the weighbridge confirm the truck has off-loaded all the material. If for some reason, the truck hasn’t off-loaded everything, acknowledge the transaction on the computer as a part receipt and take the weight. If the truck has off-loaded all the material, acknowledge the transaction on the computer as a full receipt and take the weight.
• Following second weight, the weighbridge ticket and delivery note/goods issue note will be printed. Issue the relevant copies of the documents to the driver and retain the rest for eventual forward to customer service center/production clerk and own filing.
• Prepare daily weighbridge reports and treat all documents/information as confidential. It is considered unethical to divulge any information to external parties without authorization.
• Check proper function of the weighbridge, communication and computer equipment and timely replacement of printer cartridges and printing paper to avoid any truck delays. Report any malfunction immediately it’s noted as per the escalation procedure and follow up on the repair.
• Ensure proper housekeeping around the weighbridge and especially the gaps between the weighing platform and the foundation for accurate weighing.
• Ensure that any exceptions are brought to the attention of the management as necessary in order to protect the company’s interest


• Minimum of SSCE certificate

• 3 years of experience as an Weighbridge operator or similar role

• Familiar with Health, Safety & Environmental standards, procedures, and requirements

About the Company

Sochi Foods is a company that is dedicated to creating a workplace where all persons will feel welcome, respected, and valued. We have diversity as a key policy in the Company and promote equal opportunity for all. By this Sochi Foods is able to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce, and contribute to a more just and equitable society.
We also offer equal pay for equal work providing opportunities for career advancement and professional development to all employees.
This is a Team place, where all work together for common goals and achievements. We welcome and encourage the best skilled persons to join us today.

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