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Production Manager

Ahiazu-Mbaise, Nigeria

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Sochi Foods Ltd is seeking a Production Manager who will ensure that our manufacturing equipment and tools function properly and increase efficiencies. We are seeking a professional who will oversee the production process and coordinate all activities to ensure enough resources on hand, build production schedules, ensure production processes stay within budgets and deadlines as well as review the productivity of all manufacturing equipment and enhance efficiency. We need someone who can estimate costs, prepare budgets to ensure workflow meets required deadlines and consistently find ways to improve the production processes and structure.

Production Manager duties and responsibilities
• Overseeing production processes
• Liaising with other managers to formulate goals and objectives and understand techniques required to set productivity goals for each team and process.
• Organizing workflow to meet specifications and deadlines
• Making decisions about equipment use and maintenance
• Implementing improvements to the production process
• Estimating costs and preparing budgets
• Preparing production reports
• Evaluate machine resources to ensure continued production and minimal downtime.
• Monitor production to resolve issues- especially establishing a balance between increased productivity and reduced costs of manufacturing operations.
• Supervise and evaluate performance of production personnel (quality inspectors, workers etc.)
• Determine the amount of necessary resources (workforce, raw materials etc.)
• Approve maintenance work, purchasing of equipment etc.
• Develop workflow policies and procedures that improve efficiency without compromising safety and quality.
• Ensure output meets quality standards
• Enforce health and safety precautions


• Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, food science/engineering, food production, or any related field.

• Master’s degree preferably

• A minimum of 3 supervisory years experience in food production management or related fields.

• Knowledge of performance evaluation

• Possession of the International Organization for Standardizations (ISO 9001) global standards Certification is a plus.

• Working knowledge of quality control and food safety standards

• Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills

• Strong organizational and time-management skills

• Excellent writing and communication skills,

• Proven record in training employees about safety and production

• Strong knowledge of environmental protection policies and occupational safety and administration regulations.

• Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines

About the Company

Sochi Foods is a company that is dedicated to creating a workplace where all persons will feel welcome, respected, and valued. We have diversity as a key policy in the Company and promote equal opportunity for all. By this Sochi Foods is able to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce, and contribute to a more just and equitable society.
We also offer equal pay for equal work providing opportunities for career advancement and professional development to all employees.
This is a Team place, where all work together for common goals and achievements. We welcome and encourage the best skilled persons to join us today.

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