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General Manager

Ahiazu-Mbaise, Nigeria

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Sochi Foods Ltd is seeking a self-motivated and results-driven General Manager to direct and manage our organization's business activities and to develop and implement effective business strategies and programs. The General Manager will oversee several elements in Sochi Foods Ltd, including hiring and operating budgets as well as working collaboratively with the Executive Team in setting, launching promotions and prices based on the marketing environment.

General Manager duties and responsibilities
• Overseeing daily business operations.
• Take full profit & loss responsibility
• Evaluate and Improve operations, financial performance and revenue.
• Creating and managing budgets and Optimize expenses
• Coordinate employees and supervise and lead lower-level managers
• Oversee recruitment and training.
• Perform market research and complex analysis of possible opportunities
• Provide suggestions for business growth
• Suggest ideas for increasing revenue
• Evaluate performance and productivity.
• Suggest improvements for employee engagement
• Create, review and implement effective business plans
• Collaboratively set policies & procedures
• Attend meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences
• Generating reports for presentation to upper executive management and board of Directors.


General Manager requirements

• Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics or other related fields – or qualifications in Food Processing, Engineering or Agricultural science/Engineering; Master’s in business administration or another relevant master’s degree is preferably.

• A Certified Manager Certification from an Institute of Certified Professional Managers to further prove knowledge and experience is accepted.

• 3+ years’ relevant experience in food production and processing or similar operations is a plus.

• Good knowledge of different business functions and manufacturing Outstanding communication, interpersonal and leadership skills

• Excellent presentation skills

• A proven track record of successfully leading and motivating diverse teams

• Multitasker and critical thinker with strong analytical skills

• Excellent organizational and time management skills

• Strong leadership qualities including conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.

• Excellent communication skills including writing, speaking and active listening.

• Highly organized.

• Strong work ethic and honesty.

• Exceptional interpersonal skills.

• Meticulous attention to details.

• Proactive nature.

About the Company

Sochi Foods is a company that is dedicated to creating a workplace where all persons will feel welcome, respected, and valued. We have diversity as a key policy in the Company and promote equal opportunity for all. By this Sochi Foods is able to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce, and contribute to a more just and equitable society.
We also offer equal pay for equal work providing opportunities for career advancement and professional development to all employees.
This is a Team place, where all work together for common goals and achievements. We welcome and encourage the best skilled persons to join us today.

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