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Farm Manager

Ahiazu-Mbaise, Nigeria

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

• Direct and coordinate worker activities, such as planting, irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, grading, and restoration.
• Determine how to raise crops by evaluating factors such as disease, soil conditions, and the availability of federal programs
• Coordinate growing activities with those of engineering, equipment maintenance, and other related departments.
• Analyze market conditions to determine acreage allocations.
• Record information, such as production, farm management practices, and parent stock, and prepares financial and operational reports.
• Determine procedural changes in drying, grading, storage, and transportation for greater efficiency and accuracy.
• Analyze soil to determine type and quantity of fertilizer required for maximum production.
• Inspect equipment to ensure proper functioning and ensures proper maintenance.
• Inspect fields to determine maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage from weather.
• Plan and direct development and production of hybrid plant varieties with high yield or disease and insect resistant characteristics.
• Adapt their duties to the seasons, weather conditions, or a crop’s growing cycle
• Purchase machinery, equipment, and supplies, such as tools, seed, fertilizer, and chemicals.
• Comply to farms standards and policies for e.g. health, safety, product quality, property and asset management and environment.
• Evaluate financial statements and makes budget proposals.


  • Degree in Agriculture or related field such as agricultural engineering, crop management, farm business management, horticulture, land/estate management.

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in Farming-related field

  • a knowledge of food production and an awareness of customer demand, food standards and sustainability

  • genuine commitment to farming

  • good technical knowledge

  • a good understanding of modern farming methods

  • an understanding of the ways in which farming impacts the environment.

  • organisational and time-management skills

  • the ability to work under pressure

  • supervisory skills and management ability

  • numerical aptitude

  • willingness to be outside in all weathers and patience to undertake all sorts of practical, sometimes repetitive jobs

  • self-motivation, with the ability to motivate others

  • larger-scale business awareness

  • negotiation skills

About the Company

Sochi Foods is a company that is dedicated to creating a workplace where all persons will feel welcome, respected, and valued. We have diversity as a key policy in the Company and promote equal opportunity for all. By this Sochi Foods is able to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce, and contribute to a more just and equitable society.
We also offer equal pay for equal work providing opportunities for career advancement and professional development to all employees.
This is a Team place, where all work together for common goals and achievements. We welcome and encourage the best skilled persons to join us today.

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